Helping women to change their lives

By establishing appropriate trusting relationships, our specialist support workers enable recovery and wellbeing. We offer a range of services to help young women get back on their feet. The services we offer are described below:

Safe place

A Safe Place to Live

YWHP provides accommodation and housing support to establish a safe and secure home, providing the crucial foundation for recovery. Several types of accommodation are available:

  • Shared safe house
  • Self-contained single flats and houses for young women with children
  • When clients are ready to move on, we help with resettlement and offer follow on support to ensure they are managing their new home successfully
  • YWHP also offers an outreach service; if a young woman already has somewhere safe to live, but would benefit from our specialist therapeutic support services
Safe place

Therapeutic support and practical help

YWHP provides person centered, holistic support, based on individual needs. Together with specialist support workers, clients develop their support to enable them to achieve their personal goals, alongside therapeutic interventions and activities.

Sessions focus on: Resilience, recovery and wellbeing, safe and healthy relationships, successful parenting, social and financial inclusion, effective future engagement with universal services and participation in the wider community.

Safe place

"Protect Yourself" - Groups and one to one sessions for girls and young women

YWHP protect yourself programme is a person centered, holistic approach to personal safety and healthy relationships.

Offering a flexible package of interventions, advice and guidance; Protect Yourself focusses on identifying and building personal strengths to develop and reinforce resilience. Enabling young women to get back on their feet despite adversity, so they can deal with and recover from challenges they face in their lives; being able to protect themselves, live independently and safely without fear.

Safe place

“Parents As First Teachers” - Groups and one to one sessions for young women and their children

YWHP PAFT is a successful research and evidence based
parenting support programme for "at risk families".

Flexible and personalised support helps each child to reach age-related expectations, potential and developmental milestones.

Parents are enabled to protect their children and give them the best possible start in life. YWHP PAFT specialist workers are child-focussed to ensure effective engagement; whilst helping parents to feel supported, be less isolated, be better informed, experience a positive relationship with their child, and be more confident to engage with the universal social-welfare and health services.

Your help means a lot

With your help we can provide safe places for women to live, emotional support and practical help; we can continue encouraging independence and building confidence to get on with their lives.