Santander Volunteers Help Make Our Garden Beautiful!

posted by by Theresa Wilding on 7th July 2016

A BIG THANK YOU to volunteers from Santander for all your hard work yesterday; helping us to make our garden a beautiful, relaxing space for clients and staff.

Like alot of busy homes with limited budgets, YWHP has struggled to find the time and money to make our garden the beautiful relaxing place that it could be.  But this is the year it is going to happen!  A few months ago volunteers from Sheffield’s Hallam University came along and helped get things moving in the right direction; and then yesterday volunteers from Santander came with sleeves rolled up, and I’m guessing not their usual work wear, keen to make a difference and – with kindly donated plants from Langlands Garden Centre, Loxley – move us closer to our vision of a beautiful haven to escape to; either to run an eco therapy session or simply to go and have a break with a cuppa.


Eco therapy is something that YWHP has always had a keen interest in and we champion the benefits that eco activities can bring; particularly for those who are vulnerable to mental health issues as many of our young women and children are.  Our Eco Minds project was a great example that ran for 2 years enabling women and children to enjoy being outdoors and experience the benefit of growing their own produce and the delight of eating it!

Our vision for the future of our garden is that it’ll enable easily accessible eco therapy opportunities as well as being simply a lovely place to be in and when the weather see’s fit, enjoy some sun!



Your help means a lot

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